Shopify Cart Abandonment Vs. Notifyvisitors Cart Abandonment

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Cart abandonment is the practice of leaving an online shopping cart without completing the purchase. This occurs when a customer adds items to their shopping cart but does not proceed to the checkout to complete their purchase. Cart abandonment is a major issue for e-commerce businesses, as it can result in significant lost revenue. The primary causes of cart abandonment are high shipping costs, complicated checkout processes, and website usability issues. To reduce cart abandonment, businesses should focus on providing a smooth and streamlined checkout process, making sure that shipping costs are clearly visible, and ensuring that their website is user-friendly.

Also, they can make use of marketing automation softwares to regulate, track and analyze cart abandonment. NotifyVisitors provide you a wide range of features which can help you to deal better with cart abandonment scenarios other than what shopify offers.

Let us have a look at their comparative study to make a wise decision for the Cart Abandonment solutions.

Shopify offers a built-in cart abandonment solution that allows you to recover lost sales from customers who leave without completing their purchase whereas NotifyVisitors offers a more comprehensive cart abandonment solution that enables you to recover lost revenue.

Cart Abandonment Action

Shopify automatically sends emails or sms to customers who abandon their cart, reminding them of the items they left behind and providing them with an easy way to complete their purchase. But it has limited actions with no follow ups to address the cart abandonment issue.

NotifyVisitors has a very systematic procedure to do the same. Here, as soon as you integrate your ecommerce store and add users to its database, you can create custom abandonment journeys or built-in abandonment journey templates to remind the users about their abandoned cart. When you create a custom Abandonment Journey you can add multiple events, triggers and actions like email, SMS, whatsapp, web push as per your requirement. Also, you can add various conditions and other attributes to the Journey. 

Event Tracking

In order to compare the tracking of cart abandonment flow of shopify and Notifyvisitors , we need to understand the triggers of both the platforms . 

In Shopify store, when a user adds products to its cart and moves to the checkout page , an event “checkout started” is triggered and then if the user chooses not to purchase any of those products and doesn’t event closes the tab of its browser or starts browsing other stores , shopify wouldn’t know that the users had abandoned its cart and hence no abandoned cart email would be triggered to the user. These will only be triggered if the user closes the tab. While in NotifyVisitors, when a user adds products to its cart and moves to the checkout page then NotifyVisitors automated journey starts the countdown of 4 hours(default time) on the trigger of the “checkout started” event. And if the user doesn’t complete the checkout (on trigger of Checkout Success event) by the end of 4 hours , it is considered that the user must have abandoned the cart and then an email is triggered from the NotifyVisitors automated journey to bring the user's attention back to the cart. And even after the first email if the purchase still hasn’t been made then another email is triggered in 15 hours interval (default time) .

That's how the conversion through the Notify visitors cart abandonment flow is more likely to happen than the one which Shopify provides.

Here are three major points which makes NotifyVisitors cart abandonment different from shopify:

  1. Re-Engagement Automation 

    Shopify has an option to send reengagement automation for situations like an abandoned checkout, abandoned cart and abandoned product browse but with a condition that the customer exits or closes the page whereas NotifyVisitors sends automation to its customers irrespective of the fact whether he has closed the page or not.
  2. Omni-Channel Support For Re-Engagement 

    Shopify offers a single channel for communication i.e Email for the purpose of re-engagement of its customers but NotifyVisitors provides you with multiple channels of re-engaging customers such as SMS, Email, Push Notifications, WhatsApp etc.
  3. Email Drip Campaign 

    Shopify sends an email to customers only once that to where any of the re-engagement situations is fulfilled whereas NotifyVisitors offer you a feature to run email drip campaigns. A drip campaign sends a series of emails automatically on a set schedule or user action. Thus, you can send the right email to a customer at the right time. In this way you can stay in touch with your customer and re-engage with them with automated emails at scheduled intervals.

Content Customization

Shopify allows you to customize the content of the email and track the performance of your cart abandonment campaigns. On the other hand, NotifyVisitors offers a wide variety of tools to create cart abandonment campaigns as per your requirement and customize the content of email or SMS.

You can also add dynamic products in your template to create a tempting cart abandonment campaign. 

Real Time Performance Tracking And Notifications

Shopify tracks the activity of the customer and also provides various metrics to view the analytics but lacks in Real-time notifications. On the other hand NotifyVisitors allows you to track the performance of your cart abandonment campaigns, and create custom segmentation rules to target specific customers. Additionally, it also offers real-time notifications and analytics to help you identify and address potential issues with your cart abandonment campaigns.

Advanced Analytics

You can use Shopify's analytics and reports to learn about your sales and customers in great detail. The types of analytics and reports that you can view depend on your store's Shopify Subscription Plan. Also, it gives you very limited insights of your store. You may have to employ a third party analytics service to gain further insights and improve your business. On the other hand, NotifyVisitors Analytics lets you track visitors, sessions and other activities. It provides you with extensive analytics and reports, so that you may decide which automation strategies are required to be utilized for boosting the sales of the store.

Thus, NotifyVisitors has exhaustive tools to deal with the problem of Cart Abandonment. You can easily make use of its automated marketing features to increase your customer engagement and revenues.

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