NotifyVisitors is a one-stop solution for all your marketing automation needs and lets businesses gain traction online. We always believe in having strong relationships with our clientele. Our aim is to provide tools and features that allow you to build more robust relationships between merchants and users.

We further incorporate Email, SMS, Push Notifications, Segments, and Journey Builder into one single omnichannel platform and enables you to see your customer's complete journey.

You can start using NotifyVisitors, a web and app-based application that works on all the latest web browsers. We also have a free plan that will help you learn how it works. To ensure a seamless experience, we also offer a free demo.

First Things First

To make your journey smooth with NotifyVisitors, we recommend you to check our onboarding course.

Session 1: Connect Your Store

Session 2: Start Building Audience

Session 3: Start Customer Journey

Session 4: Broadcast Campaigns - Email / SMS / Push

Session 5: Understanding Reports