Session 2: Start Building Audience

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This article will help you understand how you can start building your audience.

We will discuss four stages to get started.

Start building your contact list — Start with capturing emails via website / app / lead forms / push subscribers.

Contact profile  — All the customer-related data will be available in customers' profiles to deliver a better experience.

Segmentation — Pay attention to the most relevant details and offer the best as per the needs.

Nurturing your contact list — Understanding how things work and segmenting them to improve deliverability. 

Start building your contact list

Businesses must focus on collecting customers' opt-ins rather than just acquiring their data. For instance, whenever customers provide their information while placing an order in your store, he further allows you to understand what kinds of products they prefer. To offer them the right marketing, you need to reach your customer with promotional messages and develop strong and healthy relationships.

There are different ways to acquire more precise information about the customers such as:

Website/App signup

Allowing users to create accounts on your website can enable you to collect their details, including name, email, and phone number, and provide them with personalized experiences.

You can also offer social login options on your website to allow users to sign in with their social media accounts. This can help you gather their details like name and email and streamline the signup process.

Signup forms

Another effective way to collect user details for your online website is by including signup forms. By including a simple form on your website, visitors can easily enter their name and email address to become subscribers. To make the process more enticing, consider offering incentives such as exclusive discounts or free resources for signing up. This can help increase the likelihood that visitors will become subscribers and provide you with valuable user information.

They all allow you to acquire data about the customers. For example, signup forms show up whenever a customer spends some time in the store. Also, while signing up on the web or app, customers need to fill in their details. All these details help businesses to grow their contact list. Click here to learn how to create a signup form.

API/Third party integration

NotifyVisitors allows you to sync subscribers from different services via API or third party apps. You can integrate your store directly with the NotifyVisitors for the platform you use.

Code embedding

In addition, you can integrate SDKs with your website, Android, or iOS application that help you to engage users with push notifications, onsite popups and signup forms.

Import via CSV

You can import the data for the users who want to engage in your campaigns. This can be done by converting the user data in the CSV file format. The user data includes information such as date of birth, email id, last name and first name. You can also add the custom attributes while uploading the CSV file. 

Purchase Information: During the checkout process of your website, if it involves purchases, you can collect important user information like their name, email address, phone number, and mailing address. This can help you establish a direct line of communication with them and also facilitate future transactions.

Contact profile

All contacts who have visited your store and provided their email address or phone number will be included in your contacts list. A dedicated profile will be there for every customer, along with some relevant information.

  • Personal details
  • Subscription status for every channel
  • Web-tracking data is displayed under the activity, orders, and products tabs
  • A list of the tags assigned to the customer and a list of the segments to which each customer belongs


Segmentation helps you to understand your customers in a better way. It streamlines your interaction with specific groups. Moreover, it lets you drive more engagement, opens, and reads newsletters, automation messages, and online ads leading to better sales. Further, you can refine or filter your contacts based on:

Sending promotions to relevant contacts help you save time and deliver better outcomes. It's up to you how you want to segment them and also you can add filters as per your convenience.

Nurturing your contact list

Only accumulating contacts won't help you. You have to keep a tab on them actively. Here are a few ways to do that:

  • Refine your contact list frequently
  • Share relevant and informative content to your subscribers
  • Warm up by sending emails within the limit to check the level of engagement
  • Interact regularly and precisely. Don't share the same message with everyone
  • Organize your subscribers organically — via your store's check-out or signup forms

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