Session 4: Broadcast Campaigns - Email / SMS / Push

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Welcome to the fourth session of our Onboarding series, designed to guide you through effectively utilizing broadcast campaigns in NotifyVisitors.

Throughout this guide, we'll break down five key sections to simplify your understanding of campaigns and their functionalities.

What are broadcast campaigns?

Broadcast campaigns refer to marketing initiatives that spread promotional messages or content to a wide audience through various mass communication channels. These channels typically include traditional media such as television, radio, and print, as well as digital platforms like email, SMS, push notifications, and social media. 

With NotifyVisitors, you can use digital platforms for your broadcast campaigns, which has several advantages over traditional sources such as

  • Direct communication: Digital channels allow for direct communication with the target audience. Messages can be delivered straight to the recipient's inbox or mobile device, increasing the likelihood of engagement.
  • Personalization: Broadcast campaigns through email, SMS, push notifications, and WhatsApp can be personalized based on the recipient's preferences, behavior, and past interactions.
  • Timely delivery: Messages can be sent at specific times when the recipient is most likely to be receptive
  • Cost-effective: Digital channels typically have lower production costs and can reach a large audience at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.
  • Immediate action: These channels allow for immediate action from the recipient. For example, a customer who receives a promotional offer via email or SMS can click on a link to make a purchase instantly, leading to immediate sales generation.

The goal of broadcast campaigns is to raise awareness, drive engagement, and ultimately, influence consumer behavior, such as purchasing products or services, supporting a cause, or participating in an event.

How broadcast campaigns are helpful in driving sales

With broadcast campaigns, you can achieve several goals and objectives aimed at promoting your products or services, increasing brand awareness, and driving sales. Here are some specific actions you can take with broadcast campaigns:

  • Promote special offers and discounts
  • Announce new product launches
  • Increase brand visibility and awareness
  • Engage with valuable content
  • Promote events and webinars
  • Gather customer feedback through surveys
  • Cross-sell related products
  • Promote loyalty programs and rewards
  • Launch seasonal campaigns
  • Educate customers about products/services
  • Tell compelling brand stories

Sending personalized campaigns

Broadcast campaigns through email, SMS, push notifications, and WhatsApp can be personalized based on the recipient's preferences, behavior, and past interactions. This can be effectively achieved through two approaches: segmentation and omnichannel marketing strategies.

1. Segmentation:

Segmentation is a pivotal aspect of our campaign strategy, which we explored thoroughly in our second session - Start building audience. By categorizing customers into segments based on shared characteristics, we can tailor campaigns to their specific needs and preferences.

For instance, suppose a clothing retailer segments its customers based on purchase history. They may create a segment for frequent buyers of women's apparel. With this segmentation, the retailer can send personalized campaigns featuring new arrivals or exclusive discounts on women's clothing, effectively targeting this specific audience segment.

2. Omnichannel marketing: 

With NotifyVisitors, you can embrace omnichannel marketing, i.e. instead of sending the same content over all channels, you can tailor your campaign content to suit user preferences on each channel. 

For instance, let's say a fashion retailer wants to promote a new collection. They can send an email highlighting the key features of the collection, an SMS offering an exclusive discount to loyal customers, a push notification showcasing popular items from the collection, and a WhatsApp message providing styling tips and suggestions. By adapting the content to each channel's strengths and user expectations, the retailer maximizes engagement and conversion opportunities.

Statistics reveal that adopting an omnichannel marketing strategy can amplify purchase rates by up to fourfold, underscoring the effectiveness of this approach in driving sales and customer engagement.

Overview of different campaign channels

In this section, we'll provide a comprehensive overview of the various campaign channels, including email, SMS, push notifications, and WhatsApp. Understanding each channel is essential for crafting effective and impactful campaigns that resonate with target audiences across diverse touchpoints.


Email remains one of the oldest yet most effective digital communication channels, offering unparalleled reach and engagement potential. With NotifyVisitors, harnessing the power of email campaigns becomes seamless and efficient, empowering businesses to connect with their audience in a personalized and impactful manner.

NotifyVisitors offers various features to harness the full potential of email campaigns, including options to select specific segments or subscription groups as your target audience, content creation tools (such as rich text, drag and drop tool, HTML, and AMP editor), prebuilt templates, A/B testing tool, schedule and resend options, and much more.

These features empower businesses to connect with their audience in a personalized and impactful manner. Click here to learn more about the email channel.


SMS stands out as a direct and immediate communication channel, renowned for its effectiveness in delivering time-sensitive promotions, alerts, and reminders. With its high click rates and swift user responses, SMS remains a powerful tool for engaging audiences and driving action.

NotifyVisitors offers a wide range of SMS service providers and multiple features to optimize your SMS marketing, such as advanced tracking, personalization through segmentation, the ability to send test messages, scheduling options, and much more.

Click here to learn more in-detail about the SMS channel.

Push notifications

Push notifications are messages dispatched to users' devices via mobile apps or web browsers, serving as instant updates and reminders. 

NotifyVisitors provides three distinct push notification campaigns tailored for web, iOS, and Android platforms. Within these campaigns, users have the flexibility to utilize various types of push notifications, including standard push, rich media, sliders, sticky bars, GIFs, and more, to captivate and engage their audience effectively. 

Renowned for their effectiveness in engaging app users, providing timely updates, and re-engaging inactive users, push notifications are a valuable tool for enhancing user experience and driving desired actions.


WhatsApp, a widely used messaging app boasting over 2 billion users worldwide, presents businesses with an invaluable platform for customer communication, support, and marketing endeavors. Leveraging the WhatsApp Business API, businesses can streamline their interactions with customers and prospects.

To execute WhatsApp campaigns effectively, businesses must first create a template for their messages and undergo approval. Once approved, these templates serve as the foundation for broadcast WhatsApp campaigns.

NotifyVisitors offers various features for WhatsApp broadcast campaigns, such as advanced tracking capabilities, dynamic variables (which can be automatically replaced with the user’s name, age, city, etc.), the ability to send test messages, and schedule campaigns, along with a wide range of WhatsApp service providers.

Click here for an in-detail guide on the WhatsApp channel.

Managing your campaigns

Not only crafting and sending, but managing campaigns is also designed to be intuitive and efficient, offering users a seamless experience from campaign creation to analysis.

Within the campaigns section of the platform, users have access to multiple filtering options, allowing them to easily find the specific campaigns they're looking for. These filters can include parameters such as date range, channel type, campaign label, and more. By utilizing these filters, users can quickly narrow down their search and locate the relevant campaigns without hassle.

The default view in the campaigns section is the list view, which presents campaigns in a clear and organized manner.

This view allows users to sort and filter campaigns and customize the list view to display the information most relevant to their needs, ensuring efficient navigation and management of campaigns.

In addition to the list view, users also have the option to switch to the calendar view.

This view provides a visual representation of campaigns over time, allowing users to see scheduled campaigns, past campaigns, and upcoming events at a glance. The calendar view enables users to better plan their campaign schedule, identify gaps or overlaps in their marketing calendar, and make informed decisions about when to launch new campaigns.

Regardless of the view chosen, both the list view and the calendar view offer a comprehensive set of actions that users can perform on campaigns. These actions include creating new campaigns, editing existing ones, duplicating campaigns for reuse, deleting campaigns that are no longer needed, and accessing detailed analytics to track campaign performance. 

By providing a range of management capabilities within the campaigns section, NotifyVisitors empowers users to efficiently oversee their marketing efforts and drive results.


In this session, we have covered how to harness the power of broadcast campaigns with NotifyVisitors, offering businesses a comprehensive toolkit to engage with their audience effectively across various digital channels. From email and SMS to push notifications and WhatsApp, each channel provides unique opportunities to connect with customers, drive sales, and enhance brand visibility.

With a focus on simplicity, efficiency, and results-driven strategies, NotifyVisitors empowers businesses to navigate the complexities of modern marketing and drive meaningful interactions with their audience.

Up next - Session 5: Understanding reports

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