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The Calendar View feature unlocks an at-a-glance approach to campaign management, offering a comprehensive overview of all your campaigns on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis. With this, you will be able to visualize, schedule, and execute your campaigns with greater efficiency.

The primary goal is to provide users with a more flexible and user-friendly way to manage their marketing campaigns. It offers several benefits to users by providing a visual and intuitive way to manage and understand the status and timing of their campaigns.

Advantages of calendar view

Here are some ways our calendar view can be helpful to users:

At-a-glance overview: A calendar view provides users with a quick, visual summary of their campaigns. Users can easily see the distribution of campaigns over time and identify any patterns or gaps in their marketing schedule.

Enhanced focus: Users can tailor their view by applying filters based on channels (email, SMS, WhatsApp), specific audience segments, or campaign labels. This customization allows users to focus on specific subsets of their campaigns, making it easier to analyze, plan, and manage targeted marketing efforts.

Efficient occasion planning: Calendar view also provides festivals and holidays, allowing you to efficiently schedule your campaigns for upcoming occasions.

Campaign status tracking: Differentiate between draft, scheduled, and completed campaigns via engaging icons. This enables users to track the progress of each campaign at a glance.

Interactive editing: Interact with the calendar to edit campaign details directly. This might include changing the content of an email, adjusting the timing of an SMS, and much more.

Cross-channel coordination: If users are running campaigns across multiple channels (email, SMS, WhatsApp), a calendar view allows them to see how these campaigns overlap or complement each other. This ensures a coordinated and cohesive marketing strategy.

Historical reference: Over time, the calendar becomes a historical reference, allowing users to review past campaigns, understand their timing and performance, and derive insights for future planning. For example, you can identify which days of the week or times of the day yield the best results and use this information for future planning.

Explore the calendar view option

Let’s delve deeper into the functionality of Calendar View by following these simple steps. Navigate to the Campaign section, and at the top right, discover the 'View Options' menu. Here, you'll encounter two choices: List View and Calendar View. Opt for Calendar View to open up a visual representation of your marketing timeline, enriched with multiple options.

In this guide, we'll focus on five key aspects to maximize your experience.

Filter options in calendar view

In the calendar, you have the flexibility to streamline your view using four distinct filtering options:

1. By date: Easily focus on specific timeframes by selecting a particular day, week, or month. This allows for precise analysis and planning based on temporal considerations.

2. By channel: Tailor the calendar to display campaigns for a specific channel, including Web, Android, iOS push notifications, email, SMS, or WhatsApp. Users can selectively view campaigns for a single channel at a time, enabling focused assessment and efficient management of individual marketing channels.

3. By segment: Streamline visibility by selecting a specific audience segment. All campaigns associated with the chosen segment become instantly visible, facilitating targeted analysis and strategic planning for segmented audiences.

4. By label: Organize campaigns with custom labels, and then filter the calendar to display only those campaigns associated with a specific label. This feature aids in categorization and focused management based on thematic or strategic criteria.

These filtering options empower you to customize your calendar view, providing a dynamic and user-friendly experience for comprehensive campaign analysis, planning, and management.

View campaigns across all channels

By default, when no filters are applied, the calendar displays all campaigns across all channels. Each channel is distinguished by a distinct color code:

  • Blue: Represents all push notifications, encompassing web, Android, and iOS push campaigns.
  • Red: Denotes all email campaigns, providing a clear visual identifier for email marketing activities.
  • Yellow: Signifies all SMS campaigns, allowing for easy recognition and differentiation of text message-based campaigns.
  • Green: Indicates all WhatsApp campaigns, providing a visual cue for campaigns executed through this specific messaging platform.

This intuitive color-coded system enables you to effortlessly navigate and comprehend your multi-channel marketing landscape at a glance.

View campaign status

In the calendar view, you can view the status of each campaign, such as if the campaign is in draft, scheduled, or sent. It is represented by the following icons:

Festivals and holidays with related templates

Experience enhanced marketing campaign planning through our calendar view, featuring an innovative integration of upcoming festivals and holidays. Stay well-informed about upcoming holidays, empowering you to pre-plan and schedule campaigns that resonate with your audience during these special occasions.

Along with conventional scheduling, this feature is also helpful in offering a visual representation of your ramp-up schedule—a best practice to safeguard your sender’s reputation. The ramp-up strategy involves dividing your campaign sending across days and hours. For example, planning a Valentine's Day campaign with a four-day division (from February 11th to 14th) is made effortlessly visible on the calendar, as shown in the image below.

Additionally, a simple click on a festival or holiday provides access to related email templates.

These prebuilt templates stand out with their stunning design, mobile-friendly interface, and are fully customizable as per your own requirements. Also, if you have preset your brand theme, these email templates will automatically change their colors to match your brand theme.

This seamless integration not only provides information about upcoming holidays but also offers related email templates and strategic clarity in campaign scheduling.

Campaign management options: Create new campaigns, edit, view analytics, and more

Create new campaigns

Just like in the list view, the "Create Campaign" button is conveniently located at the top of the calendar. Regardless of the view mode, this button remains easily accessible. By simply clicking on it, users can swiftly choose their preferred channel and initiate the campaign creation process.

Furthermore, you have the option to click on a particular date to initiate a new campaign.

By selecting a date from today onwards, you can easily create a new campaign. However, please note that it is not possible to create a campaign by choosing dates from the past.

Additional options

Within the calendar view, specific campaign management options are also available. Clicking on a particular campaign opens a window displaying essential campaign information, including campaign ID, name, channel, last update status, and mode. At the top right corner of this window, a three-dotted options button provides access to various functionalities:

1. Analytics: Select the analytics option to gain insights into campaign performance metrics such as delivery rate, open rate, click rate, revenue generated, and more.

2. Edit: Choose this option to make edits to your campaign, ensuring flexibility in adapting content or scheduling as needed.

3. Duplicate: Use this option to create a copy of your campaign. Ideal for scenarios where a new campaign shares similarities with an existing one, duplicating and making minor adjustments saves time and effort.

4. Delete: Opt for this option to permanently remove a campaign from the system.

5. Resend campaign: Create an automated resend schedule based on user inaction. For instance, resend an email after a few days if the user didn't open or click the initial campaign. This feature adds a layer of automation to re-engage with your audience effectively.

These intuitive options within the calendar view enhance the efficiency of campaign management, providing users with a streamlined process for creation, analysis, and optimization.


By providing an intuitive, visual representation of campaign timelines, the Calendar View feature facilitates efficient planning, execution, and analysis of marketing initiatives. 

With its user-friendly interface and versatile filtering options, users can easily tailor their view to focus on specific subsets of campaigns, ensuring targeted analysis and strategic planning. Additionally, the integration of festivals and holidays, coupled with related email templates, enhances the efficiency of campaign scheduling. 

The ability to track campaign status, edit details interactively, and access advanced management options further elevate the effectiveness of this feature. Overall, the Calendar View feature presents a holistic solution for marketers seeking enhanced campaign management capabilities.

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