Session 5: Understanding Reports

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Here is the fifth session of our onboarding series, in which we will discuss the following stages:

Data we track — the information we collect and track for every asset and how to access it.

An overview of reports — different reports along with the information they provide. 

Data we track

NotifyVisitors tracks different kinds of data via discrete methods and approaches. We track the following data:

  1. Sales, orders, revenue: total or attributed to a campaign, automation flow, or contact.
  2. Open and click rates: for every designated campaign, automation workflow, or even a specific message in the flow. 
  3. Activity per device or message sent: channels or medium that you utilize for interaction or even individual contacts.
  4. Bounce and unsubscribe rates for your messages: help you to understand your campaigns' performance and show you which campaign is working better.
  5. Audience expansion
  6. Tracking of store events.
  7. Email performance by domain and even more.

An overview of reports

The foremost page you espy after logging into your NotifyVisitors account, is the dashboard that presents you with an overview of the all-inclusive performance of your marketing endeavours, in the form of bar graphs, data tables, 2D line charts etc.

With a mere glimpse at the dashboard, you can instantly gain knowledge of the number of active subscribers on your online store, device-specific user engagement, events performed by visitors on your organization’s official website and much more.

Moreover, from the ‘Real Impact’ tab you can quickly check conversions gained through journeys as well as via channel-specific campaigns, merely by means of viewing the comprehensive statistical data, arranged and organized in the form of easily intelligible and well-presented pie charts.

It is from within this tab, that you can also gain cognizance of the overall revenue generated by your brand and compare it with the revenue generated through campaigns/journeys dispatched via the NotifyVisitors marketing automation software.

In addition to augmenting your earned profits through provision of omnichannel marketing, we strive to streamline and simplify the process of interpreting complex data by means of providing visual/graphical representations of tracked statistics, which in turn help you to effortlessly apprehend your brand’s overall growth in terms of finances and customer base.

In other words, properly organized, systematically presented, detailed and exhaustive marketing analytics enable you to gain a lucid idea about your organization’s economic or commercial trajectory.

Campaign reports

Campaign reports include statistical data that in turn helps you to understand how your campaigns are performing. You can check statistics such as deliveries, clicks, sales, bounces, unsubscribes, unique open rates etc.

Click here in order to learn more about email campaign reports.

Automation report

Like campaign reports, automation reports show data regarding your campaigns. This data helps you tackle troubleshooting whenever you find any issues with the delivery of your emails. You can check your email performance and customers' activities such as who opened, clicked, purchased from, etc.

Click here in order to learn more about automation/journey reports.

Lead form reports

Lead forms enable you to capture permission-based contact information and other personal data about your potential customers such as their country of residence, their product preferences, the name/size/turnover of the organization in which they are currently employed etc. Likewise, lead generation reports contain organized statistical data through which you can gauge customer engagement, deduce, understand and analyze patterns of consumer activity etc.

Click here in order to learn more about lead form reports.

Advanced reporting

Irrespective of the plan you choose viz. free, startup, growth or enterprise, you can avail advanced reporting. It includes the following:

  • Funnel: Funnels are a series of events that a user performs in a particular order.
  • Cohort: Cohorts help you understand how people use your apps. Typically used to measure user retention & churn.
  • Revenue: Indicates the total revenue you have generated including revenue generated through campaigns/journeys.
  • RFM Analysis: It is a marketing technique to quantitatively rank and group customers based on the recency, frequency and monetary total of their latest transactions in order to help you identify the best customers and thereby dispatch targeted marketing campaigns.

Subsequent initiatives

Perusing and understanding campaign analytics isn’t enough. Organizations need to proactively leverage the knowledge gained through such comprehensive statistics to continually adjust, refine and fine-tune their marketing strategies in order to stay ahead in this era of intense competition. Now, let’s summarily explore the actions you should aim for, marketing goals you should pursue and advertising practices you should avoid.

  • Accurately ascertain the type of content that enraptures your potential customers, recognize the subject matter, advertising themes and catch phrases that lead to maximum engagement, discern which days or months elicit the most feedback from clients, identify specific products that usually get abandoned at your online store, gain cognizance of the kind of forms that ultimately cause a greater number of visitors to convert into subscribers/paying customers.
  • Once you have identified and understood patterns of consumer behaviour, utilize this newly gained knowledge to detect flaws or shortcomings within your campaigns, attune your marketing strategies, create customer segments, personalize content, dispatch targeted campaigns/journeys. Segregate your most engaged clients from the least engaged ones and consequently adjust advertising tactics to rivet the attention of apathetic audience and thereby push them further down the marketing funnel.
  • Offer easily accessible, useful, lucrative, downloadable, free of cost online resources such as e-books, guides, exclusive discounts, webinars, tutorials etc. in order to enhance your brand’s awareness, build reputation and as a consequence increase engagement with your dispatched campaigns. Improved campaign engagement will subsequently impact and augment your organization’s customer base. In short, as a best practice, offer something in advance prior to encouraging visitors to convert.
  • Regularly review the revamped campaigns and assess your revised automation workflow strategies. Ascertain the geographical location of your customers and dispatch adequately-timed promotional notifications on calendar-based national holidays. Leverage the A/B test facet of the NotifyVisitors marketing automation software to determine which subject lines earn the most opens. Design apropos workflows such as browse abandonment journeys in case shoppers frequently view products on your store but don't ultimately purchase. Incorporate multiple channels in your workflows to attain optimum results.

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