Here is the fifth session of our Onboarding series, in which we will discuss the following stages:

Data we track — the information we collect and track for every asset and how to access it. 

An overview of reports — different reports along with the information they provide.

1. Data We Track

NotifyVisitors tracks different kinds of data using different methods and approaches. We track the following data:

Open & click rates  For every designated campaign, automation workflow, or even a specific message in the flow. 

Sales, orders, revenue — total or attributed to a campaign, automation flow, or contact.

Bounce, and unsubscribe rates for your messages — help you to understand your campaigns' performance and show you which campaign is working better.

Activity per device or message sent channels or medium that you utilize for interaction or even individual contacts.

Audience expansion

Tracking of store events

Performance of email by domain and even more.

2. An Overview Of Reports

An overview of reports that are available in the NotifyVisitors Dashboard.

Campaigns reports

Campaign reports help you understand how your campaigns are performing. You can check Campaign reports, including Opens, Clicks, Sales, Bounces, Unsubscribes, and Unique open reports.

Click here in order to learn more about Email Campaign Reports.

Automation report

Like campaign reports, automation reports show data regarding your campaigns. This data helps you tackle troubleshooting whenever you find any issues with the delivery of your emails. You can check your email performance and customers' activities such as who opened, clicked, purchased from, etc.

Click here in order to learn more about Automation / Journey Reports.

Lead form reports

A lead form allows you to capture emails and other information about potential customers. Likewise, lead generation reports show you graphs and charts to understand the pattern of the users.

Advanced Reporting

Irrespective of the plan i.e, Free, Startup, Growth, and Enterprise plans, you can avail of Advanced reporting. It includes

  • Cohort: Cohorts help you understand how people use your apps and are typically used to measure user retention and churn.
  • Funnel: Funnels are a series of events that a user performs in a particular order.
  • RevenueIt indicates the total revenue you have generated including revenue generated through campaigns and journeys.