A/B testing is the process of sending one variation of your campaign to a subset of your subscribers and a different variation to another subset of subscribers, with the ultimate goal of determining which variation of the campaign generates the best results. Therefore, the AB testing feature allows you to compare different versions of your email campaign to find the best one out of many. 

A/B testing your email campaigns is simple. You can use the email builder to create two different variations of your email and schedule them for a small percentage of subscribers to see which variation performs best. And once the result is generated, it will automatically send it to the remaining subscribers.

Now, if we talk about Split delivery, it is somewhat similar to the A/B testing, but the use case of split delivery is totally different. Split delivery comes into play when you have two or more sets of email content for a single campaign and wish to send them to different subsets of total subscribers. It doesn’t wait for any result, it can be analysed on the basis of stats of the different variations.

 For example, If you have an email content with different offers and you want to run this experiment on which offer brings better conversion, then you can choose split delivery and can see which content is helpful for better conversion.

How To Perform A/B Testing In Email Campaigns

1. Navigate to NotifyVisitors Dashboard > Campaigns. 

2. Now, select Email, given in the 'Reach Users Via' category.

3. Now, there are five stages to creating an email campaign.

4. In the Recipients stage, fill in all the details like campaign information, recipients, and tracking rules. 

5. Next, in the content stage, you get an option to create a variation for your campaign.

6. We have filled in all the information regarding the sender's name, email address, and subject line.

Here we have created a variation so that we can check which works best for us.

Now, once you have created the variation, the A/B testing and Split delivery option will start reflecting on the same page.

For split delivery, you have to determine the size of the audience for both variations. Here C indicates the Control version and V1 indicates the variation. You can adjust the audience size.

Here, In the A/B test, you will find three sections viz.

C indicates Control Version (original version)

V indicates Variation.
R indicates the remaining who will receive the Winning Version.

Wait Time: Wait time plays a crucial role in determining the variation performance. It helps you understand which variation is doing better. You can select the time interval to complete the whole process and get the best variation to proceed with.

Once you have done A/B testing, the winning version will be sent automatically to the selected audience percentage.

Note: A/B Testing is not possible with Recurring Campaigns. When you create a recurring campaign, the AB testing option will get removed and vice versa. That means you won't be able to do AB testing for that particular recurring email campaign.

What Is The Difference Between A/B Testing And Split Delivery

In the A/B test, all variations clicks and opens are compared within a defined time, and the one with the most is chosen automatically to send to the remaining subscribers. In contrast, with split delivery, the comparison is made manually when the campaign is sent to whole subscribers. Unlike AB testing, Split delivery doesn't wait for any result of the initially sent email. It allows you to split the total subscribers into subsets and send them the desired content.

How To Determine The Audience For Your Campaigns

To run an A/B test for the campaigns, make sure you send them to a segmented audience based on their past behaviour on your apps or website.

How to execute the process:

1. First of all, create the variants of the campaigns.

2. Determine the campaign reach. i.e., users, you want to engage with your campaigns.

3. Choose a testing percentage of users out of the total no. of users and send the campaigns to that percentage of users in a specific ratio. We will calculate the winning variation and send the same to the rest of the audience.

This is how you can perform A/B testing and Split delivery in email campaigns in NotifyVisitors.