Review A/B Test And Split Delivery Statistics For SMS Campaigns

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A major part of the campaigning in the current day is through SMS. The SMS can be a standalone part of the campaign or it can also be a part of the email marketing campaign. The importance of SMS as a part of the email marketing campaign is being seen by the top brands across the globe. Here we will review how one can test their campaign and also how the split delivery statistics can come in handy when it comes to the SMS campaign using the NotifyVisitors.

How To Optimize SMS Campaigns Using A/B Testing And Split Delivery

NotifyVisitors allows you to A/B test your SMS analytics to see which version performs better. You can test different variations of your SMS campaigns to see which ones convert better. This is a great way to improve your SMS marketing and make sure that your campaigns are effective.

You may also consider using split delivery in your SMS campaigns. It can help you to better target your audience by allowing you to send different messages to different groups of people. This can be especially useful if you have a large list of contacts and you want to make sure that each group receives the most relevant information. To learn more about how A/B Testing and Split Delivery work in SMS Campaigns for NotifyVisitors, check out our article on Optimizing SMS Campaigns Via A/B Testing And Split Delivery.

Analyze Statistics For A/B Test Campaigns For SMS

1Navigate the Campaign tab in the Dashboard and filter the channel as SMS. You can also select the date range, segment name, and campaign label to search for an SMS Campaign.

2. Click on the three dots that appear next to the campaign you want to view.

3. Click on Analytics and the SMS Analytics page appears. This page displays the Campaign Info, SMS Stats,  A/B Testing, Country Info, Device Info, Revenue and Error Stats.

4. Select the 'A/B Testing Stats' option appearing at the top of the page.

  • There are two tabs on this page one is the Test Period and the other is the Entire Sent tab. The Test Period section displays the data for a portion of the customer base to whom the variations are sent while the Entire Sent section displays the data for the entire customer base.

  • Winner: This section conveys the ultimate winner of the variations and the parent variation of the SMS campaign. Please note that even the control variation of the SMS campaign can be a winner. 

The click rates of all three variations are compared to determine the winner. If one variation has a higher click rate than the remaining two variations then this particular variation becomes the Winner. 

  • Winning Metric: Winning Metric conveys the fundamental information in defining the winner amongst the variations and the control variation of the SMS campaign. However, the success of an winning variation includes the number of Unique Opens.

  • Test Size: The Test Size conveys the entire portion of the customer base on which variations (A, B and the Control) of the SMS Campaign were tested.

  • This page also displays the campaign information like the campaign name along with the number of SMS delivered and the percentage of total unique clicks.

Split Delivery For SMS Campaigns

Split Delivery can be extremely useful for marketing your SMS Campaigns. When you are referring to the analysis or results that were split into multiple deliveries, the most important thing to look at is the overall response rate. This will give you an indication of how effective the campaign was as a whole. 

The Split Delivery describes the statistical results and analytical data available under the 'A/B Testing' tab.

1. Select the A/B option appearing at the top of the SMS Analytics page.

2. This page displays the following details:

The above image shows the Split analysis of the SMS campaign displaying the winner, winning metric along with the percentage of unique clicks for each variation.

If you have been running SMS campaigns for your business, you know that A/B testing your campaigns can be a powerful way to improve them. In this post, we have shared a review of A/B tests as well as some brilliant strategies for using split delivery SMS campaigns. Follow these steps to implement them in your future SMS Campaigns.

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