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Signup forms are the primary channel for improving your mailing list and acquiring information about your contacts’ preferences. Signup forms help you to create customized campaigns that convert leads into customers. In this article, we will discuss how to exploit Signup Forms Analytics to achieve your business goals. 

Overview Of Signup Forms

NotifyVisitors provides you with detailed information such as Impressions, Unique Impressions, Subscribers, and Subscriber Trends. Furthermore, you can view a tabular form of the total number of impressions created for each signup form campaign along with Form ID and Form Name. To view the Overview of all the signup forms created, navigate to On-site> Signup Forms.

Here you can select the date range for which you want to see the performance. 

Impressions: Whenever a signup form is displayed to a user, an impression is counted. The impression count is 1 in this case. When the user revisits the site and the signup form is displayed again to the user the impression count is incremented. So, the impression count is the number of times a signup form is shown to a user.

Unique Impressions: This is per user per session count. If the signup form is displayed to the same user in different sessions it will be a unique impression.

Subscribers:  Once a user fills out the signup form and submits it, the user is added as a subscriber. A subscriber is a user who will receive emails regarding your signup form campaign.

Overview Of Subscriber Trends

The subscriber trends help to track the overall performance of your signup form campaign. The graph below shows the total number of subscribers (Total no of leads), number of subscribers from desktop and mobile, number of mobile subscribers, total impressions created and number of unique impressions for a given time period. You can view the subscriber trends as a line graph or bar graph.

Overview Of Subscribers and Impressions

The above table displays the overall statistics distribution of each form. This will help you evaluate the performance of each signup form.

How To Check Individual Signup Form Analytics

To check individual campaign performance, navigate to your existing signup form campaign > go to analytics. Now, you can check different analytics for that campaign. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

Impression Trends

This section shows the total impressions, total unique impressions, desktop impressions and mobile impressions created by users over a specific period of time. You can track the performance of your signup form over a selected period and discover the changes made to your form. 

This data visualization chart plots the data over time.

  • Hover your mouse over a specific point on this graph to view a breakdown of the statistics.

  • To adjust the timeframe for your report, select a new Date Range.

Desktop Impressions -  The total number of times a form is displayed to a user on a desktop.

Mobile Impressions - The total number of impressions made by a mobile user, when visiting your SignUp form.

Subscriber Trends

The above graph shows the subscriber trends over a specific period of time. This includes the total desktop subscribers and total mobile subscribers. Understanding on which device the subscription took place can make a difference in the conversion rate of your signup forms. When you know whether your subscribers reach you on smartphones or desktops using Windows, iOS or Android, you can modify your forms to suit their preferences.

Desktop Subscribers-  The total number of desktop users who have submitted your form.

Mobile Subscribers-  The total number of mobile users who have submitted your form.

Subscription Rate

The Subscription Rate is the total number of subscribers divided by the number of unique impressions. The graph below shows the subscription rate as 91 over a specific time range.

Subscriber Logs 

A well-structured subscriber log section hosts a detailed list of subscribers as well as other important information such as:

  • Name of the subscriber

  • User ID of the subscriber

  • NVUID (NotifyVisitors User ID)

  • Email Address

  • Phone number

  • Entry Segment (The date when the subscriber entered the segment)

  • Last Updated (The date and time when the user attribute was last updated)

This data will give you an overview of your subscriptions. This data will reveal where your subscribers come from and you can analyze the data selected over a given time range.


The advanced signup form analytics reports are important to help you build a good contact strategy. Without analyzing the statistics and considering the performance, you won't be able to track your results and get the most out of your signup forms. A good signup form will enhance the success of your email marketing campaign.

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