Predefined Segments For E-commerce Store

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Segmentation allows you to tailor and personalize your marketing, service, and sales efforts to the needs of specific groups. Moreover, this helps you boost customer loyalty and conversions.

Why Segment Customers For Your E-commerce Store

There are numerous reasons why customer segmentation is critical. Here are some of the things this approach can help your business achieve:

  • Designing targeted campaigns and ads to resonate with and convert customers better.
  • Enhancing your customer service and customer support efforts.
  • Supporting internal teams prepare for challenges different groups are likely to encounter.
  • Improving customer loyalty with customized content and interactions.
  • Learning who your most valuable buyers are and why.
  • Communicating with segments of customers through preferred channels or platforms.
  • Discovering new opportunities for products, support, and service efficiently.
  • Knowing about your customers on a deeper level so you can tailor your content to their individual needs and challenges.

Now let’s have a look at different kinds of E-commerce segments.

E-commerce Segments

Once you add a native e-commerce integration (such as Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce), the below-mentioned segments will be added to your account:

 Churn Risks

 Prospective Buyers 

 VIP Customers

 Winback Opportunities

 Repeat Customers

Churn Risks

A churn risk segment involves anyone who has bought from your Shopify store at least once but didn't engage after that. This segment offers insight into who may soon turn toward another brand altogether. Therefore, you need to re-engage these profiles with campaigns that have targeted content and a discount or other incentive.

The high churn risk could be that if you have a large number of one-time purchasers, you will want to concentrate your marketing efforts on keeping customers after their first purchase. You can consider creating upsell and cross-sell flows to send after someone buys, driving them toward other products they may be interested in.

Prospective Buyers

A prospective buyer segment contains anyone who engaged with your brand earlier but hasn't purchased yet. This segment helps you target them with campaigns, ads, and forms as they are interested in your brand and may get benefitted from a gentle reminder to buy.

VIP Customers

VIP customers are those customers who have recently purchased from your site and frequently buy products and spend a lot of money on your brand. To make the most, you can redefine this segment that suits your business preferences and customers' purchasing cycles.

Winback Opportunities

Win-back opportunities segment contains former customers who didn’t forget you but have not placed an order in a long period. Therefore, the best way to generate a win-back flow is to re-engage them and remind them of your brand.

Repeat Purchasers

Repeat purchasers have purchased from your store a number of times and will likely do so again. So, it's good to target them with branded content as they are already interested and may just need a nudge toward another purchase.

This is how you can develop segments for your e-commerce store and create targeted campaigns to generate better outcomes.

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