Pop-Up Campaign Analytics Report

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Popups grab users’ attention and have a higher click-through rate. The popup campaign analytics report provides detailed information on how your popup campaign is performing, including conversion rates, impressions, and click-throughs.  With the popup campaign analytics report, you can stay up to date on the campaign performance to improve results. In this article, we will discuss how to access and keep track of the metrics to enhance your goal conversions.

Popup campaigns overview

To access the overview of all the Popup Campaigns in the NotifyVisitors Dashboard, navigate to On-site> Pop-ups. NotifyVisitors provides you with detailed analytics such as Impressions, Clicks, Unique Clicks and many more insights into each campaign.

Impressions: Represents the number of times a popup is viewed.

Unique Impressions: This is per user per session count. If the popup is displayed to the same user in different sessions it will be a unique impression.

Clicks:  This represents the number of times the users have clicked on the popup.

Unique Clicks:  Unique clicks depict the number of times that a link in your popup was clicked by an individual user. Repeated clicks on links are not considered unique.

Trends Overview

The trends overview graph represents the trends in data and provides an account-level overview of the overall performance of NotifyVisitors popup campaigns and gives further details on campaign performance. The trend data gives a quick understanding of the stability of your results over time.

Pop-Ups Campaign Wise Distribution

The Pop-up overview shows the overview of all the popups, impressions and clicks created by the users in a tabular form. You can view the popup ID(Campaign ID), Popup Name, Impressions, Unique Impressions,  Clicks, Unique clicks and Click Through Rate.

How To Track The Individual Popup’s Performance?

To track the individual popup performance, navigate to Onsite>Website Pop-ups. Click on the Pop-ups tab and click on get analytics for any specific Campaign ID. The Web Pop-up analytics page appears. This holds three different sections - Daily Trends, Click Analytics and Click Logs. 

Daily Trends

The above graph shows the daily trends with the overall performance metrics. You can choose the period of time for which you want to view the statistics. The number of impressions, unique impressions, clicks and unique clicks are displayed over a period of time in this graph.

Impression Vs Clicks (Device wise)

The above graph shows the total number of impressions vs the total number of clicks the campaign has registered from Desktop and Mobile devices over a period of time by the users.

Desktop Impressions - The total number of users who have viewed your popup notification from the desktop.

Mobile Impressions The total number of users who have viewed your popup notification from the mobile.

Desktop Clicks - The total number of clicks registered by desktop users.

Mobile Clicks - The total number of clicks registered by mobile users.

Click Analytics 

The Click Analytics section helps you analyze clicks based on different performance metrics of your popup campaign and view the performance by trends, session, technography, geography and UTM.


The trends graph shows the total number of events (clicks) for your popup campaign and the average of daily events hit over a period of time. You can filter trends either by events or users. The graph can be filtered on a daily, monthly, hourly, yearly and weekly basis.


The above chart shows the in-session tracking of the users on a particular day and at a particular time period.The table shows the click distribution over the days and at specific time of days. The darker the color means most clicks on that particular time interval. 

Time of the day

The above graph shows the sessions in which the clicks are displayed at different times of the day.

Time spent before the event

The above graph dictates how much time a user spends on the website before clicking on the popup.

Page views before the event

The graph shows the number of pages viewed by the user before clicking the popup.


Technographics insights provide data about the technology used by the users on your site who clicked on the popup notification. At the top of the Technographic Insights, you can view the Split By drop-down where you can choose the Platform, Browser, PWA/TWA and OS.

Platform  - It is the number of clicks registered by the users on a particular platform.

Browser  -  It shows the number of clicks registered by the users on a specific browser.

OS  -  This shows the number of clicks registered by the users on a specific OS.


Under the Geography section, you can view the number of clicks from different countries and different cities.

The above chart shows the number of events registered by users from different cities in India.


UTM codes are used to point the specific sources of traffic to a website. NotifyVisitors Dashboard allows you to track the different variants of UTM Parameters to check the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns across different sources and media. Here are different UTM Variants. You can filter different UTM Parameters accordingly and keep track of the total number of events hit by the source over a specific period of time.

UTM Variants:

  • UTM Source 

  • UTM Medium

  • UTM Term

  • UTM Content

  • UTM Campaign

Click Logs

This table will give you an overview of all the clicks by the users. This data will reveal where your users come from and you can analyze the data selected over a given time range. You can also apply filters based on UTM Parameters, device, platform, location, app and traffic to view the click logs.


The Popup Campaign Analytics Report allows you to track the success of your popup campaigns. It provides data on how many people saw your popup, and how many people clicked on it. Consequently, you can analyze your popup stats and target your users accordingly.

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