This is the third session in our Onboarding Series that will help you understand the user journey
In this article, you will learn:

What Is Journey Mapping

Why Journey Mapping Is Important

Journey Mapping Overview On NotifyVisitors

How To Set Up Journey Mapping

1. What Is Journey Mapping

Journey mapping allows you to visualize an individual’s relationships with a product/brand over time. It serves as a timeline of all touchpoints between users and a product and includes information about all channels users use to interact with a product.

2. Why Journey Mapping Is Important

Customer journey mapping is important as it is a strategic approach to understanding customers' expectations in a better way. It also helps you to optimize their experience. Since customers' expectations are changing, they demand an omnichannel approach to customer service, marketing, and sales.

Mapping a customer journey offers several benefits such as:

  • Develop a logical order for your buyer journey
  • Help you to optimize your customers' onboarding process 
  • Keep a check on customer expectations against the experience they get
  • Knowing the differences in buyer personas when they move from prospect to conversion through the buying funnel

3. Journey Mapping Overview On NotifyVisitors

Journey mapping involves four different stages viz.

  1. Triggers - Triggers allow you to determine when or on what action the journey will begin for the customer.
  2. Actions - Here you can determine what kind of notifications (Email/ SMS / Push) you want to send to the user whenever they complete a certain event or move to another stage.
  3. Conditions - It helps you determine when you want to share the notifications, for instance, a user moves from stage A to stage B, now you need to decide on what condition you want to send a notification to a user when he is reaching point B or when he reached point B.
  4. Flow Control - It allows you to control the flow in case a user has already completed a journey without going through any touchpoints. In that case, there is no point in sending notifications to them. Also, you can create a timeline for this, if they complete their journey before that, you can stop the flow.

4. How To Setup Journey Mapping

To get started with NotifyVisitors journey mapping, navigate to the NotifyVisitors Dashboard > Journey > Create New Journey

  1. Blank Template (Workflow / Sequence)
  2. Predefined Templates

Whichever journey you choose to build, you need to enter the basic details like the journey name. Now, you can either create your journey manually or choose from a predefined workflow depending upon your requirements.

To know how to build a journey, click here.