Analyzing User Profiles

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A user profile is a collection of information associated with a particular user. A user profile can be defined as the explicit digital representation of the user's identity to their operating system, software applications, or websites visited. The system can use this information to understand more about the user and enhance his experience.

Analyzing User Profiles In NotifyVisitors Dashboard

Creating a user profile begins with the integration of NotifyVisitors SDK. After integrating NotifyVisitors' SDK, NotifyVisitors will create a user profile for every individual who comes to your website or launches your app.

NotifyVisitors unique user id consists of default attributes e.g., email, phone number, and language. In addition, you can add custom attributes to a user profile as per your business requirement.

For instance, If you offer subscription-based services in your app, you can add a custom attribute to mention the type of plan the user has.

Where Can You View The Users List In The NotifyVisitors Panel

1. Go to the NotifyVisitors Panel> Segments> Users list.

2. Here, you can view the users' details like name, email, phone, Platform, etc.

Platform: View the platforms through which users arrived at your site, whether it is Website, M-site, Android, and IOS.

First seen: It specifies the date when the user first arrived on your site.
Last updated: Specifies the date when the user profile was last updated.

Users' Information In Details

Click on each user to view his or her details exaggeratedly. Refer to the below image to view a user's details. In the first section, you can see users' Email addresses, Phone numbers, locations, user IDs and platforms on which users are available.


First seen: It shows the first time when the user visited your website or app.

Last seen: It shows the last time the user was updated on your website or app.


Acquisition: This tab helps you understand how the user was acquired.


NotifVisitors automatically track users' location to help you identify the user location and use that information offering a better experience using segmentation and personalization. So, when a user interacts with your app or website from a different location, this field gets updated.

Users' location is derived from the IP address while interacting with your website. Similarly, while interacting with the app, if a user gives permission to track their location, then our system's accurate location is fetched by the phone's operating system; otherwise, the location is derived from the IP address. 

User reachability:

It shows the channels on which users are reachable. It means you can target them easily and effectively using the channels they are on.



This shows you the list of devices used to interact with your app and website over the entire lifetime of a user. Such details are handy when debugging, fixing crash reports, etc.



This shows you the User attributes. Depending on their nature, attributes are categorized as; System Attributes or Custom Attributes.


This shows you all the segments in which users exist.

Users' Activity Timeline

View the actions performed by the user on your site. See the counts for the events performed. Also, you can view the exact time duration when a user performed a specific event. With a date filter, you can see events performed by the user in between date ranges.

On clicking Events, you can see attributes passed through events.

After Creating Users, you can create segments of users based on their behavioural and personal data and engage them with personalized messages like Push, Email, SMS, and WhatsApp.

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