Targeted email marketing is a powerful means to reach out to the most relevant customers at the right time. Thus, many businesses leverage this technique, not only to engage and retain their customers but also to get instant responses, materialize existing opportunities and thereby boost conversions. NotifyVisitors offers you the ability to integrate your NotifyVisitors Account with your Shopify Store.

Our seamless integration enables businesses to sync and accumulate all the required data of their online customers who subscribed for email notifications, in a distinct segment. In other words, this particular feature allows you to send targeted emails on an ad-hoc basis, to only those customers who will subscribe for email notifications either at checkout or who will sign up for the same using the default Shopify Footer Form.

How To Collect Email Subscribers In A Newsletter Segment?

Once you successfully integrate the NotifyVisitors Account with your Shopify Store, a ‘Collect Subscribers’ section will appear on your NotifyVisitors dashboard under the Store Integration settings. 

You can then proceed as follows to collect or include all your Shopify Email Subscribers in a segment: - 

1. Navigate to NotifyVisitors Dashboard> Settings> Store Integration> CMS.

2. Under the ‘Collect Subscribers’ section, check for the dropdown titled ‘Add subscribers to segment list’.

3. Click on the dropdown.

4. Select a pre-existing segment in which you would like to collect your Shopify Email Subscribers.

5. Click on the Update button.

All the important information such as profile data, catalog data, orders etc. of each and every customer who subscribed for email notifications will now get accumulated in the chosen segment.

Who Will Be Added To The List?

Exclusively, those customers who subscribe to receive email notifications by clicking on the ‘Email me with news and offers’ checkbox during checkout or those who subscribe to receive email alerts using the Shopify Footer Form available at the bottom of their Shopify Account, will get included in the Newsletter segment selected within the NotifyVisitors panel.

The two exact locations on your Shopify store from where customers can choose to subscribe for email notifications are shown in the images below and the steps your customers can follow in order to navigate to those locations are also mentioned.

Shopify Footer Form

1. Your customers should login to your store / website.

2. Then, they should scroll down towards the end of the webpage in order to view the Shopify Footer Form.

Email me with news and offers checkbox

1. Your customers should login to your store / website.

2. Then, add items they wish to purchase in their cart and subsequently view their cart.

3. Then, move to ‘CHECK OUT’ webpage, right above the ‘Shipping address’ section, customers would notice the ‘Email me with news and offers’ checkbox.

Recommendation: Leave The Email Subscription Box Unchecked By Default

In order for the proper syncing and collection of data of only those customers who consciously and wilfully subscribe for email notifications, the ‘Email me with news and offers’ checkbox should be kept unchecked by default as a best practice.

Initiation of Welcome Series Flow For Email Subscribers

Customers included within the Newsletter Segment will also get queued up for the Welcome Series Flow. In other words, the Welcome Series Journey could be initiated for all the customers included within the Newsletter Segment.


Check out the link provided below to learn more about the Welcome Series Journey.

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