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NotifyVisitors allows you to segment your users and reach them through all the channels (Push notification, email, sms, WhatsApp). You can use it to target specific users with specific messages, or you can use it to reach all of your users with the same message. You can also use it to track user engagement and see how many users are engaging with your mobile application. This way, you can ensure that your message is relevant to each user and that they are able to see it.

Analyze User Reachability In Segment Using NotifyVisitors Dashboard

When you have connected to the NotifyVisitors account, the platform starts collecting details related to your users and their behaviour. We can determine channel reachability by processing the user’s channel preferences and contact information at a granular level.

  1. Log in to your NotifyVisitors account. Navigate to Dashboard > Segments.

  1. The Segments Page appears. For each segment, there is a Segment ID, Name, Users Count, Status, Segment Type, Created At, Updated At, Segmentation Definitions and Actions.
  2. Click on Actions and select the Analytics tab that appears in the drop-down menu. 
  1. The Summary tab shows the Segment Definition. The Segment Size and Reachability section shows the total number of users in the segment, the bifurcation of known and anonymous users, reachability of users via different channels: Web, Email, SMS, Web Push, Android Push and iOS Push.
  2. By understanding the needs of your targeted market and segmenting users accordingly, you can ensure that your campaigns are reaching their intended audience. With a comprehensive analysis of user behaviour patterns, you will be able to create personalized experiences for each segment and increase conversions in no time.

Choosing The Right Messaging Channels

Once you start connecting your NotifyVisitors account with your website, the platform will gather several details related to your users and their behaviour. We can identify channel reachability by analyzing the channel preferences and contact information.

Understanding your targeted audience and identifying their communication channels will help you engage with your customers and optimize the customer service you offer to them. With the right channels, you’ll be able to differentiate your business and grow.

Here’s how NotifyVisitors determines the reachability for each channel:

  • Push This channel can be used to reach any user who has enabled push notifications for your website or app on their device AND has not yet uninstalled it. The queries that are executed on the push campaign page show push reachability for Android, iOS and Web reachability across these platforms.
  • In-app MessagingThe users who have interacted with your app and have not uninstalled your app are considered reachable through in-app messaging.
  • Email All users with email addresses who have not unsubscribed or recorded a hard bounce are considered to be email-reachable. The queries executed on the email campaign page will show the email reachability.
  • SMS You can use SMS to reach all the contacts who have a phone number and have not unsubscribed from your business. The queries executed on the SMS campaign page will show the SMS reachability.
  • On-site All users who have interacted with your website over the past 30 days are considered to be reachable via the on-site notifications.
  • Whatsapp All contacts who have chosen to accept messages from your business on WhatsApp and who haven't blocked your account are considered to be reachable through the channel.

How Is Reachability Calculated

The channel reachability is indicated by two metrics:

  • Overall Reachability It shows the total number of users who can be reached through at least one communication channel, whether they are part of a segment or your entire user base. Double counting of users can be avoided using the Overall Reachability metric. This is possible if a user can be reached through two or more channels.
  • Reachability It indicates the number of users who can be reached through a particular channel. A user's reachability on several channels is taken into account when calculating the reachability percentage or number for each channel on which they can be reached.

The reachability of new users and the changing channel preferences of the current users are taken into account in the calculations for both metrics.

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