How to optimize campaigns in NotifyVisitors

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To drive fruitful results, it is crucial to optimize your campaign in such a way that syncs with the audiences' interests as to what appeals to them most. Therefore, to engage users with the best possible version of the campaign that can easily convert, you need to leverage marketing automation tools (AB testing and Split delivery). These tools help you optimize the campaigns and further send the campaigns to the audience. NotifyVisitors enables you to create campaigns and optimize them through AB testing and Split delivery.

How To Optimize Campaigns In NotifyVisitors

1. A/B Testing: AB testing is the process of sending one variation of your campaign to a subset of your subscribers and a different variation to another subset of subscribers, with the ultimate goal of determining which variation of the campaign generates the best results. Once you determine the winning variation, you send it to the rest of your audience. Therefore, the AB testing feature allows you to compare different versions of your campaign to find the best one out of many. 

A/B tests are crucial before sending any campaign to your audience as it helps you minimize risks. For instance, suppose you are not sure about your email/push campaign's heading or content and want to know how they will perform. In that case, AB testing comes handy as you can see the performance of two different variations using different headings and content and determine the best one after accessing the best performers based on clicks and opens.

Let’s see how the AB test works, here we have taken an example of push campaigns

 Navigate to the NotifyVisitors Dashboard > Campaigns > Web Push.

 Click on the campaign type and give a name to your notification.

Control Version

Now, create a Control version and add a title and message to your campaign.

Once you have created the Control Version, it's time to create its variant.


Now, create a variant by clicking on the 'plus button', where you will view the option to 'create a new variation'. Click on it and get started. You can add a different message to make your notification more engaging.

After creating the variation, you need to set targeting rules for the new content.

Once you have created the variants for the control version of the campaign, pick up a ratio of the audience to whom you want to send the variations of the campaigns.

The variant winner will be determined on the basis of the highest amount of clicks on a specific campaign variation.

Next, you need to determine the wait time. Wait time means the time for which the system will wait to analyse the results of the variations and when this time is over the winning variation will be sent to the rest of the audience.

Lastly, you deliver the winning variation to the rest of your targeted audience. 

2. Split Delivery: Split delivery helps you optimize the campaign by comparing two different versions of a campaign— a control (the original) and a variation — to determine which performs better, with the goal of boosting conversions.  Unlike AB testing, split delivery does not wait for the results, it sends campaigns in a chosen ratio and you can access the results later on.

How Split Delivery Works In NotifyVisitors

As you have seen above, AB testing allows you to divide the campaign into three parts. But in Split Delivery, you can control the campaign flow by deciding to whom you want to send the campaign. 

Also, you can select the segmented users based on past behavior and send them campaigns.

NotifyVisitors provides A/B testing/Split Delivery for different types of campaigns; SMS, Push, WhatsApp and Emails. Using AB testing helps you optimize your campaigns’ performance. You can create variations of the campaigns and test all the aspects of the variables such as the image, CTA buttons, links, and so on.

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